The Basics

The standard process embed code generated by the portal (see Quick Start) will embed a form that starts the process. Users will be required to log in if they do not have an open Integrify session. Once the form is submitted, an alert is triggered with the text "Your request has been submitted"

A quick change to the code will allow you to handle a successful submit however you wish. The snip below would redirect the user to another page once the form is submitted

You can also check to see if the requester has follow-on tasks before providing feedback. This will allow the next task to load.

Advanced Options

Setting the widget to run as the built-in Guest user account. Make sure the Guest User account has Run permissions for the process and that the AllowGuest setting in System Settings/System Configuration Settings is set to "yes."

The widget API exposes events that you can tap into with your code to do things like populate a form