REST API Overview

The Integrify REST API allows other applications to integrate with the Integrify system. We have exposed most of the activities that an end user can perform through the REST API including starting an instance (Request), viewing instance details, completing tasks, running reports and more.

Cloud and OnPremise customers may use the REST API provided they have obtained an API Key and Secret for their application.

Using the API requires an Access token which can be obtained through the Impersonate endpoint. Once you have an access token, you can make HTT GET, POST, PUT and DELETE calls to perform actions in the Integrify system and to pull data out of Integrify. The API key and access token can be included in the querystring or in the header of your request as follows:

querystring: key=mykey&token=kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123
headers: Authorization:Bearer kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123

See how to obtain an API Key and Secret for Cloud or OnPremise customers
API Documentation
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