Integrify v6 and v7 Developer


Our REST API allows developers to integrate their systems with Integrify. Common examples include:

  • Starting a process in Integrify
  • Viewing the status of a process instance
  • creating a user in Integrify
  • and more...

Widget API

Our Widget API allows developers to embed Integrify UI components into their existing web applications and sites. Common examples include:

  • Embedding a form that launches a process
  • Embedding an Integrify Shared Tab
  • Embedding an Integrify Report
  • and more...

External Auth API

The External Auth API gives developers the flexibility to implement their own authentication mechanism and securely authorize access to their Integrify data. Common uses:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • OAUTH Flows
  • LDAP/Active Directory Authentication