resource method description
/access/request-token GET Call the Integrify API to obtain a Request Token and the authentication URL that has been defined for the Integrify system being accessed.

Redirect to the auth_url returned in the response and append the token value. Add an additional querystring parameter "r" with the URL you wish to direct the user to upon successful authentication. Based on the example response above, you would redirect the user to a URL that looks something like this:

Once the user authenticates, they will be redirected back to the URL specified in the "r" parameter (

/access/exchange-token GET When the user is redirected back to your application (after Request Token), Exchange the Request Token for an Access Token.

All REST Endpoints must be called with the application_key and token from the response above in the headers or in the querystring: ?key={application_key}&token={token}

/access/impersonate GET Impersonation Flow for App-App API calls. Obtain an access token for the specified user in one step.