name type required description
reciptask_sid string yes Unique Identifier for the recipient task
body object no Initialization data to fill the first form in the process. Acceptable formats are and array of key value pairs or a JSON object. Acceptable keys are id, label and sid with values corresponding to the questions on the first form in the process.
Resource/tasktypes/approval/9a0ca50d-e5e3-4544-9b92-979cf278cf1cTry It!

Append your key and the token obtained from either Access/exchange-token or Access/impersonate to the querystring (key=mykey&token=kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123) or to the headers (Authorization:Bearer kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123) of your request.

Post Data
  "Approval": "Approved (this matches a preset option defined in the Approval Configuration)",
  "Comments": "Approval comments here"
  "AllowProcessComments": true,
  "Data": {
    "__type": "InstanceRecipientTask.List:#IntegrifyAPI.Service.Contracts",
    "TotalItemCnt": 0,
    "Items": []
  "Description": null,
  "HideFlowTab": false,
  "IRecipTaskSID": "8a939a2e-edcc-4132-8676-d0095f2fd0df",
  "InstanceSID": "f76a2d79-c445-4d57-b878-f5085f2fd00a"