name type required description
process_sid string yes The unique identifier for the process
permissions string no filter based on a specific permission type (Create,Delete,Edit,Grant,Manage,Monitor,Run,ViewConfig.) This can be used to ensure the user has access to the process.
Resource/processes/c57068cc-071e-4845-999d-1f3be237cc35/?premissions=runTry It!

Append your key and the token obtained from either Access/exchange-token or Access/impersonate to the querystring (key=mykey&token=kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123) or to the headers (Authorization:Bearer kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123) of your request.

    ID: 285,
    Name: "dynamic assigner test",
    Version: 1,
    PublishStatus: "Development",
    CategorySID: "All",
    Description: "",
    StyleTemplate: "Forms On Top",
    Objective: "",
    ProcessInfoURL: null,
    Attachments: null,
    AllowProcessComments: true,
    AllowDynamicLaunch: false,
    DisplayInStartMenu: true,
    BypassStart: false,
    HideFlowTab: false,
    CompleteTime: "",
    CreatedDate: "/Date(1258730434656)/",
    ModifiedDate: null,
    SID: "c57068cc-071e-4845-999d-1f3be237cc35",
    ObjectPermissions: 511