name type required description
owner_type string yes Type of object that owns the file (instance, process or task.) Defaults to instance.
owner_sid string yes SID of the object that owns the file
file_id string false FileKey of the file. (See files/instancelist/{instance_sid} results to obtain the key.) Use this instead of object_type and object_sid parameters below.
object_type comment,data no Type of the object that file is attached to (comment or data.) Defaults to data.
object_sid string false AttachmentSID of the attachment
Resource/filesTry It!

Append your key and the token obtained from either Access/exchange-token or Access/impersonate to the querystring (key=mykey&token=kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123) or to the headers (Authorization:Bearer kj123khb123hb123hb123jh123) of your request.

Response will be a 302 redirect that will automatically initiate a file download.